A Customized Solution for Employers of All Sizes


Increasingly, companies are pursuing new alternatives to the health care benefits they provide employees. They’re seeking ways to manage costs that continue to rise, while still maintaining a level of flexibility within their plans.

A Level Funded Plan (LFP) allows employers to have all the customization of a self-funded plan without giving up the financial safety of a fully funded plan. The administrative costs are fixed, stop-loss coverage will protect you against unusually high claims, and any money that goes unused will be returned to the employer.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, covered workers in small firms who reported they were in a self-funded or level funded plan jumped to 31% in 2020, compared to 24% last year. Historically, level funded plans have been an ideal solution for any employer under 50 lives. However, we are now seeing trends that indicate larger companies want that same advantage – and UME is here to introduce that to all employers through our Maximum Advantage coverage.

“UME’s Maximum Advantage product is a unique way to benefit from ‘the best of both worlds.’ We want to help our clients and partners find solutions that save money, provide flexibility, and maximize coverage,” said Anne Marie Chapman, Founder and CEO of UME.

Maximum Advantage is an ideal solution but isn’t necessarily right for everyone. UME can determine the best coverage for your employees and help you understand health risks that affect premiums, the inner workings of stop-loss insurance and the calculations that best suit your organization.