UME is known for its excellent customer service and responsiveness. We are flexible and accommodating, and our main goal is to meet the needs of our partners.

Anne Marie Chapman


Hello! My name is Anne Marie Chapman. I am the Founder of Underwriting Management Experts. I have been working in the insurance industry since 1990, developing products and services that will best meet the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace. Through my years of experience, I have gained an extensive knowledge of stop-loss, captives, and all things related to self-funded plans. I have met many wonderful partners that I can now call my friends. I am thrilled to lead such a talented team and look forward to UME’s continued growth and success. Please do not hesitate to call or email me directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

Executive Team


Samantha Gallagher

Chief Executive Officer


Jack McCarthy



Bobby Glorioso

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Schneider

EVP of Underwriting

Costas Reamensnyder

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Frank

VP of Business Development